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January 2009 - May 2009

Lourdes House, Sean McDermott Street Dublin. Demolition, cart away, and digging foundations. Twin blocks of 5 storey flats where demolished and carted away from site in 8 weeks for McCabe Builders. Additional works included digging for foundations, backfilling with lean-mix, and temporary works and drainage to new retaining wall.

September 2008- March 2009

O’ Devaney Gardens, Dublin. Soft stripping of 4 blocks of apartments and one block of shops. Acting as PSCS for the job on behalf of D.C.C. 4 Storey buildings consisting of block and concrete.


December 2007- February 2009

York Street, Dublin. Demolition Master was to dig a 20 metre basement, and support the secant pile walls with temporary steel walers, adding up to 55 ton. We broke out and removed 9 metres deep of rock. We also installed the drainage to the basement slab. On completion of the basement walls, 14 ton raking props were installed and the lower waler was removed.


October 2009 - November 2009

Sean Tracey House, Buckingham St. The project involved demolition of 3 No. mass filled concrete Butress walls supporting the adjoining structure. Demolition Master installed temporary steel to the building before starting demolition by hand from scaffolding. Sections of the butress walls were cut by a specialty saw and lifted away by crane for disposal with some small machine work at the foundations..